I told you the one thing I know how to say, through the bright ringing drone of eight-bit choirs: when you came in, I could breathe again.


Twin Size Mattress - The Front Bottoms

I have no motivation for anything and watching The Virgin Suicides is making it all worse tbh


I'm only hoping as time goes, you can forget (x)



It’s hilarious that non-Americans on Tumblr are all like “OMG DENNY’S TUMBLR MAKES ME WISH I LIVED IN AMERICA SO I COULD EAT THERE,” while us Americans will literally only eat at Dennys if it’s 3 in the morning and we’ve lost control of our life.

You don’t go to Denny’s. You end up at Denny’s.

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whos planning on getting high tomorrow?? not me because im not a DISAPPOINTMENT TO JESUS

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i accidentally spilled monster energy drink in my fish bowl and now my goldfish won’t stop saying “bro” and keeps flexing its fins

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Why? | Good Friday

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I’m so happy you’re alive.

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